Wor (Fund), huh, yeah. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

The Newcastle West End Food Bank is Britain’s biggest and busiest food bank. A fiver feeds a family for a week! How they manage to do such an incredible thing with such a small amount of money is beyond me but they use their Jesus, loaves and fish magic to make a real difference to the local community. Any one of us could end up in a position where we need a food bank, as this pandemic and subsequent recession has shown. Very few jobs are safe and not many of us have sufficient savings to ride it out until the economy bounces back.

£500,000 would feed 100,000 local families for a week. Or it could feed 25,000 local families for a month. Or apparently it could launch a legal challenge against the discrimination and illegalities shown to Newcastle United in its attempts to sell the club to new owners. Give me fucking strength.

The UK is currently in its biggest recession since anyone started taking note of this sort of thing. The government had a tough call to make, choosing between saving the economy and saving actual human lives. In a demonstration of its spectacular ineptitude, it did neither and our little island has the highest death rate in Europe as well as the biggest GDP drop in the G7. Oh and infection rates are the highest they’ve been since June. Champion. The second biggest recession was twelve years ago, when the billionaires also shafted us with their mistakes and the average person paid for it. Remember that – rich people play with money, lose it, poor person pays. Which brings me to the point of this ramble.

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this Wor Fund atrocity. Just add it to Amnesty’s hit list for crimes against human rights, man. Give Hatice her typewriter back. Get Miguel on the line. I’m done. Mike Ashley is a billionaire. The people who wanted to buy his £300m asset from him are so rich that they can buy pretty much anything they want. We know this because other than NUFC, they’ve done just that. These are the big lads from the Middle East, who make Ashley look like a market stall owner in a wealth and power comparison. That Wor Fund expects to be a collection of donations from the people of one of the poorest regions in the UK rather than from the billionaires involved with the deal is so mind-blowingly backwards that I’ve had to take an extra beta-blocker this morning before writing this.

I visited the site and found the ‘Wor Aims’ section to at least try to give this thing a fair go and understand their intentions.

‘Our only aim is to see that the takeover from those people materialise.’

‘If our buyers walk away then we will try and maintain this challenge to put Newcastle United in a better position going forward to seek investment into our club.’

Well, that cleared that up.

There’s a quote from Robert O’Donoghue QC about the Premier League being subject to competition law but aside from that, this site is completely anonymous. There’s no accountability. No transparency. No actual plan. There’s £461 donated so far, though. I’ll do the maths for you, that’s 92 families fed for a week.

‘Ah, Gordon man, leave them alone! At least they’re trying, man! Eeh, honestly, it’s negativity like this why we never get noffin dun as a fan base!’

I’ll tell you what, like, there’ll always be a swarm of grifters waiting to prey on raw emotion but this has to be the most misguided, ill-judged thing from NUFC fans that I’ve seen since Wraith carried a coffin (edit: walked in front of a coffin). At least he wasn’t asking for half a million to buy the cardboard! This shite that any hint of critical analysis, any moment of scepticism or hesitation or any thought of doubt is a negative trait in someone needs hoyed in the same bin as Joelinton’s shooting boots. Not asking questions, not asking for more information, believing everything you’re told and thinking that positivity will achieve everything is why this country voted for the Tories and why it voted for Brexit. Have a word with yourself, man. Stop being conned.

We’ve spent weeks trying to sort ourselves out as a fan base and thankfully all the shite little groups and pages have fallen by the wayside like a fat lad (me) trying to keep pace with a Kenyan in a marathon. The NUFC Trust has shown its stamina and pedigree and rightfully pulled out in front to gain the widespread acceptance as the way forward for the fans, as a legitimate and accountable movement. The MP letters, the legal counsel, the contact with Staveley. Actual, tangible actions and a voice that is listened to by the people who matter. Credible recognition, finally.

Then this shite comes along. What is the money actually for? Where has this £500,000 figure come from? Who is this group of people heading to court? Who runs this site? What are they actually hoping to achieve in court? Have they had contact with buyer or seller about this? Why isn’t Ashley or PIF taking the Premier League to court? On what legal grounds are you challenging this? Why are the people of Newcastle expected to pay for this when the parties involved could buy every single one of our homes with the change in their back pocket and then knock them down to build an apartment complex? Why has this been arranged independent of the Trust? Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?

Spur of the moment reactions, tweets and messages can all be forgiven in the heat of the moment as emotions are still running high after the last few months. Designing a website, writing a load of vague shite on it and setting up a donation page takes time. Certainly time enough to take your head out your arse and realise what a monumental error of judgement you’re making. Some issues are too big for you and there’s nowt wrong with realising that. We’re of far greater use to our local community by accepting this and focusing our time, energy and money on what actually makes a difference. We can all change the lives of those on our doorstep but this is not the way. £5. Feed a family.


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