Steve Bruce - Communication Breakdown

Let's face it, we've been blessed with some brilliant managers over the years who just so happen to be great communicators too! The likes of Sir Bobby Robson, Kevin Keegan, Rafael Benitez, and even Chris Hughton were all able to unite the supporters, and motivate the players.

With four managers mentioned, there seemed to be an instant connection... We tend to use the phrase, "He just gets it!" Each one of them "Got it." Steve Bruce is different, there was never that instant connection, that is more perhaps to do with who he was replacing. However, Bruce doesn't help himself when he speaks to the media. The constant negative speech does little to get supporters on his side. Phrases like "We'll roll our sleeves up, dust ourselves off, and go again" After receiving another pummelling. "They're a very, very good side" When talking about ANY opposition.

Had Bruce been honest and open from the beginning of his time on Tyneside, he would be respected by a lot more of the supporters. There is a robotic feel to Bruce's interviews, almost like he's rehearsed his answers, and that is why the supporters never hear anything new, it's always the same information each week. The fact that Newcastle supporters play "Brucey bingo" every time he speaks, should tell its own story.

The fact Bruce isn't even among the best managers around, isn't of the slightest of concern to Newcastle supporters. Under the current regime, supporters all know that the club is stagnant and that makes it difficult to attract top players, never mind top managers. The problem is, when supporters are hearing the constant negativity coming from Bruce, it sets off a defeatist mentality, a depression just swoops over everyone. If that's how the supporters feel, how on earth are the players going to be motivated by the manager?

The likes of Hughton and Benitez, managed to instil a fighting mentality, made sure the players were hungry to win… Even under this poisonous regime. The defeatist mentality does trickle its way down from the very top, but it doesn't have to. If Bruce had a more positive manner when speaking about the club, players and supporters would naturally be more motivated for games.

When West Ham drew level last weekend, there was a feeling that they would go on and win the game. Newcastle's players head's dropped, all the confidence was zapped out of them. In years gone by, under different managers, there would have been more of a hunger and a desire to put things right. Losing culture is plague-like, once it starts to spread it's very difficult to stop.

Obviously, Steve is a fan of NE1's Game... So Steve, during your next interview, try and be a bit more positive about the club you manage, and supposedly support.


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