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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

As the online petition nudges its way towards the magical 100k mark (At the time of writing), we can be proud that as a fan base we finally came together. It is in our name after all, we are Newcastle UNITED, however, it is has taken the Premier League's arrogance and silence to unite us.

Over the years we've seen protest after protest, planned boycott after planned boycott but there was never any sense of unity behind those plans. That doesn't mean to say they haven't made a difference or that it was all in vein. Even though we were crushed by news of the takeover collapsing, this time it felt like everyone knew what they had to do and that was to unite in order to get the answers we deserve. It has taken 13 long years for us to get to this point, it really does feel a bit like "End game" right now. Not just the end of the Mike Ashley era but perhaps the end division in our ranks, especially now we know what we can achieve when we all work together.

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The supporters are what make Newcastle United special, yes we've had some incredible players and managers represent us over the years but it is, us, as supporters that have and will always be the one constant. We've always been there and we are the reason that P.I.F. Amanda Staveley and the Rueben Brothers want to invest in this city and in our football club. When St James' Park is rocking, is there any greater place to be on earth? I certainly haven't managed to find anything that comes close. The shivers down your spine moment when stood in the Gallowgate is really quite special.

No matter what happens, we must not go back to having various divisions within our famous support. Together, we are so much stronger. We have all been there when St James' Park has driven those eleven players on the pitch to victory. We're a special club with an incredibly passionate support, a support who are highly skilled in plane spotting, company's house and anything else you'd like to throw our way. The only way we can help change this great club for the better, is standing side by side, united as one, together.


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