Silence Broken

Nearly five months of silence, tumbleweed had been blowing across the Premier League offices despite all the noise and pressure from other parties, Richard Masters and Co remained tight-lipped.

In all of this, there are a set of supporters desperate for change, it is those very supporters that have been caught in the middle of a political war and treated with utter contempt by those sitting in their shiny offices, without a care in the world, without thinking of the consequences or how it would have an impact on those very supporters.

Since the withdrawal of the Reuben Brothers, Amanda Staveley and PIF, Newcastle supporters finally united, coming together in search of answers, in search of clarity. Newcastle supporters have done everything they possibly can, creating a petition that gained over 100,000 signatures, and having MP's far and wide join them in the search for answers. If the consortium are still interested in purchasing Newcastle United, it is time for them to act. They have seen just how powerful Newcastle's fan base can be, should they want to be a part of that, it is time for those involved in the bid to walk the walk.

For far too long it has been the supporters that have suffered, yet again they've picked themselves up and dusted themselves down. If the consortium really cared, truly cared about the supporters and the football club they would iron out the issues that are preventing the sale from being completed. There was far too much noise surrounding this bid from the very start, whether it was from Richard Keys and BeIN Sports, Qatar, Hatice Cengiz or the countless media reports trying to influence the decision. None of them considered the most important people in all of this, the people that make the club special, the people that will always remain the one constant. When the dust settles, it is the supporters that have to live with the decision or non decision made. The names previously mentioned won't care one jot, they can move on as though nothing has happened, they are not the ones that are emotionally invested in Newcastle United.

Through all the takeover stories over the years, this is the one that brought the most hope to supporters. It is exactly why the way the whole situation was handled, makes it hard for the supporters to take. There is a misconception that Newcastle supporters want the club to become the new Manchester City, in reality, they just want the old Newcastle United back. The club that provided joy, entertainment, a club to be proud of. Not this shell that we all see before us.

The supporters have shown how much they wanted change, it is high time that the consortium prove just how much they want to take control of this football club. The supporters have carried enough weight on their backs, it is time to share the load.

As things stand, Newcastle head into another season under a disinterested owner, an owner who is actively looking to sell the club. Where that leaves the club in terms of transfers remains to be seen, however, if history tells us anything - Newcastle will certainly be shopping in the bargain-basement again. That is a concern when you think of just how bare Steve Bruce's squad is. If Newcastle do not strengthen, and strengthen properly - All areas filled with enough quality, another season of looking over their shoulders beckons.


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