Newcastle United’s Takeover Circus

Cast your mind back fifteen months, there was so much talk of #Cans, talk of hope, and above all a belief that Newcastle United could finally be something. Not this rotten to the core club it is now, but a club with ambition, a club that cares about its legends and supporters.

That jubilant feeling of hope has slowly been sucked away. Not just by the Premier League but by Mike Ashley and the would-be buyers. All three are to blame for this utter mess, the mess that impacts on the supporters most. No other club has had to go through a takeover process as ridiculous as this. You could argue, if this was happening to a bigger club in the Premier League, it certainly wouldn’t have gone as far as we are now. A compromise would’ve have been made. Yet, it’s Newcastle Supporters who suffer one again, Ashley checked out a long time ago and has left the club at a standstill. Amanda Staveley asked supporters to do more, to fight for this takeover. They did, some even made the long journey to London to protest, only for the arbitration hearing to be adjourned until ‘Early 2022.’ It is the supporters that feel the pain most. They do not need vague Tweets, they need and deserve answers.

You have to wonder if anyone involved has the supporters’ and Newcastle’s best interests at heart. Supporters have been led down a garden path time and time again. The empty stadiums up and down the country over the course of this pandemic, should surely have shown people that football cannot survive without supporters. It is supporters who give each and every club life, indeed it is those very supporters who make TV revenue and sponsorship possible, without supporters football is lifeless. That begs the question, why on earth is it so difficult to provide them with answers?

Ashley’s time as owner has sucked away the soul of the football club, it’s made even the most loyal of supporters walk away. The hope of having owners with ambition, and a passion for the club and city has been soured by this farcical process.

As with a lot of fan bases, Newcastle United’s support has a lot of divisions. This makes any form of supporter action a great deal less powerful. In order for any action to have an impact, to send a message, all supporters have to forget any differences they may have, forget about egos, and concentrate on the one important thing we all have in common, the love of Newcastle United. It‘s time to stop with the snide comments and accusations of having an agenda. To send a powerful message, the only way is to come together, the majority of supporters want this takeover, and all of those supporters have been strung along over the last fifteen months.

If Richard Masters truly has the Newcastle’s and the supporters’ best interests at heart, this would’ve been resolved “In a timely manner.” By the time arbitration continues, it will mean this has been dragging on for over two years, leaving a club in limbo for that time.

The Premier League are not the only party at fault here, they’ve all contributed to sucking the soul, hope and life out of every single supporter. The latest news has put a huge dent in Newcastle’s season before it’s even started.

It is not hard to provide answers, or some form of explanation, anything more than a pathetic “No comment“ is needed. Our loyal support deserve better than this.


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