Newcastle United 0 Chelsea 2

Here we are again after another drab, boring and turgid performance. If Steve Bruce and his players think that the level of performances they have put in for the majority of the season are acceptable then they need to take a long look themselves. This isn't football, it's awful, pathetic and above all embarrassing to watch. I am genuinely embarrassed to watch my team "Play" every week. There's no plan and no semblance of attack. We go forward just to go back again. While the majority of football supporters are happy to be able to see their side play, a distraction from the reality of 2020, unfortunately Newcastle United add to the pain that this year has been. There was a point in the game that summed Newcastle up, 0-2 down at home in the 80th minute, Newcastle have a throw in and a chance to put the ball in the box, instead they go all the way back to Karl Darlow. It is simply unacceptable. This isn't a one off performance, it has been this way for far too long. Bruce's "Tactics" are outdated, he has failed to adapt to the changes in the game and has been left in the dark ages. That's exactly where Newcastle find themselves, in the dark ages with no hope of escaping. Bruce and Newcastle can count themselves lucky that there are three worse teams in the Premier League (Didn't think this was possible). To merely survive in the Premier League is exhausting and bloody awful to watch. I would be happy if we were aiming for the top half and there was some form of progression and a plan in place. That's all I want to see, apparently this is far too much to ask. If a team isn't in a place to win trophies, then a sign of progression should be their trophy, a clear sign that the club is moving in the right direction. The only direction Newcastle are going in is down. There was a time when I looked forward to the next game, even after a defeat. Not now, I'm supremely fed up with it all. There's no enjoyment in watching Newcastle any more, this cannot be ignorantly ignored by the players or the manager. It's not good enough and changes must be made otherwise the club will get dragged into another relegation battle. I fear that if this team get sucked into the bottom three, they don't have the fight to get themselves back out of it. On and off the pitch Newcastle are a mess, this cannot and must not continue. If Newcastle are going to progress, a change of management is needed. Bruce is not the man to take this team forward, I have defended him in the past but performances haven't improved at all and the team is in huge trouble should this continue. We are heading down a Steve McClaren type road, this will not end well and it's up to the club to make the right decision in replacing Bruce before it's too late.

This was supposed to be a match report, however, it's turned into more of a rant than anything else. The players and Bruce can count themselves lucky that they are playing in an empty St James' Park, they can switch off from the criticism that is rightly thrown their way. This is perhaps part of the problem, there isn't anyone there to tell them how bad this actually is.


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