Newcastle Neglected

Only a matter of weeks ago, Newcastle United appeared in newspapers and other media outlets up and down the country. Cries of "Newcastle fans should be ashamed to support a club associated with a Saudi regime." Letters upon letters sent to the Premier League saying just how disgusting it is that Newcastle United and the North East should get some much-needed investment.

In the weeks that have followed the Premier League's detailed yet not so detailed letter to MP, Chi Onwurah, there has been silence, complete silence from the very same media that were desperate for the takeover to fall through - Almost as if it's seen as a job well done. The problem with this is, the majority of the media have failed to see what's happening (Or not happening) at the club right now. Many of Newcastle United's loyal supporters are yet to see their season ticket refunds, the club still have staff on furlough - Including some of their scouting team. In addition to this Newcastle United are stuck with an owner, who has lost what little interest he had in running the club. We are yet to hear the opinions of the likes of Hatice Cengiz and Miguel Delaney regarding these issues, funny that.

It is sickening to see newly promoted, Leeds United spend £40m on a striker, Chelsea throwing millions at every player imaginable, while Newcastle United scour the market for free agents. What really stings is the lack of criticism aimed at Mike Ashley by the media. The same people who were very quick to jump on the "Stop the Newcastle United takeover" bandwagon.

The release of next season's fixtures was greeted with a sense of "What's the point? Who really cares?" The life has simply been suck out of every single Newcastle United supporter, there is nothing left to give. They've had to endure thirteen years of zero ambition, lie after lie and bargain-basement signings. The club have taken the supporters for granted for over a decade and there is a sense it has finally caught up with them.

There was very little media outcry when Ashley renamed St James' Park the Sports Direct Arena, in fact, the mainstream media have remained silent because this is the Newcastle United that is acceptable to them and the Premier League, not a Newcastle United with ambition and a sizeable war chest.

Ashley has quite the rap sheet during his time as Newcastle United owner:

  • Two relegations.

  • The absurd treatment of Kevin Keegan, Alan Shearer, Chris Hughton and Jonas Gutierrez.

  • Appointing Dennis Wise as Executive Director

  • Appointing Joe Kinnear as manager.

  • Appointing Joe Kinnear as Director of Football.

  • Renaming St James' Park.

  • Selling Newcastle United's best players with the slightest scent of a profit.

  • Lack of communication.

  • Treating supporters with utter contempt.

  • Fake takeover stories.

  • Lie after lie.

  • Lack of investment.

There was very little outcry from the media through all of that. This is because it is fashionable to see Newcastle United as the circus club. There has been little care for the supporters, who have continued to turn up in their droves, only to be served up slop. Newcastle United are now seen as a yo-yo club, not the club of old that were playing Champions League football on a regular basis. They are in the Premier League, merely to survive relegation each year, that is where the ambition of the club begins and quickly ends. Should the club suffer relegation, the owner will not batter an eyelid - After all they've suffered that same fate twice before and managed to recover.

It is strange to see all the people who said a Saudi regime would ruin a great institution like Newcastle United, go very quiet about a man who has managed to bring the club to its knees over the last thirteen years. A saying has become popular on Tyneside over the last few years, it reads: "It's the hope that kills you." The problem with that saying now is, there seems to be no hope left. Without hope, what on earth is left?

There is an empty feeling now when supporting Newcastle United, almost like you're "Staying together for the kids." There are so many cracks at the club that even Ashley is finding it difficult to paint over them all. It is hard to see an end to this misery the supporters have been living for 13 years, P.I.F. Amanda Staveley and the Reuben brothers provided hope of a brighter future. They were the last hope, supporters are rightfully fed up now and that famous Geordie roar has been worn down to the point of absolute exhaustion.


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