Irrational Hate!! The Life of a Bitter Football Fan.

Ever get that feeling? Just pure rage for no good reason for a player or a team?

No! I am not talking about the usual Newcastle fan answers, Sunderland because my Dad threatened to boot me from the house if I didn’t, Man United because they won everything?

Well mine is completely different to those, not because when I went to White Hart Lane as an 18 year old my mate had a bottle of Holsten Pils embedded into his face thrown from above.

Not Aston Villa because they hung that banner or Everton, well because we seem to live inside their heads. I am talking about having no good reason.

So as it happens I have had a few over the years, Southampton, Norwich, Watford to name a few but the biggest and the best was Coventry City, they got on my nerves so much, I think it started with Jimmy Hill as I couldn’t bear the man, but it went deeper, they would never get relegated, like absolutely never, on the last day they would fluke a result, and save themselves even though they were god awful.

I can’t think of a thing they might of been likeable for, their strip was horrible, that horrible pale blue with those stripes that weren't straight and matched perfectly to the stripes on the shorts. Their away strips over the years were even worse, the same as the one I just mentioned but in brown!! BROWN! Who picks brown for a strip? Then there were their fans, well, they were just boring, in fact they were as boring as that terrible accent they have that takes 3 weeks to come out.

Yet here they were the most boring club of all time that riled me, and all it took was seeing their name or Jimmy's face on Match of The Day, and that smug smile if they had won.

Every single year they would flirt with relegation and yet they would always somehow JUST stay up. They simply would not go down, the more I hated them the closer they would get without actually falling into the bottom 3, and I would have to watch that smug Jimmy again on Match of The Day!! Then... In 1987 they went and did the unthinkable, and annoyed me more than ever, they won the pigging FA Cup.

COVENTRY CITY!! How can Coventry win the FA Cup when I sit here dreaming of even getting a gig in the top division, why not us? Why Coventry? They are a nothing club.

You get the picture, this is bringing up all those feelings I had somehow locked away. Safe to say 2001 was a good year.

Do I still hate them? No, not really but it could be just out of sight, out of mind. Maybe with Jimmy Hill the hate died or maybe if they were to come back up it would simply rise again!!

Anyway, that’s my story I would love to hear your stories in the comments section, players teams and for no good reason.

Picture Credit:

Paul @Maxii30


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