For The Good Of The Club?

In the last seven days, St. James Holdings LTD have appeared in court against the Premier League, Newcastle United Supporters Trust are criticised for not doing enough, despite being the only voice that listens and represents the supporters of the club. The Premier League stated that it would look out for the best interests of Newcastle United supporters, and the club. If the current state of the football club is anything to go by, who, if anyone, has the best interests of the club and fans at heart? It's certainly not the Premier League, nor is it the current owner of the football club.

Despite fourteen years of neglectful ownership, during the period of playing in empty stadiums, Newcastle United were one of a vast number of clubs to agree that "Football without fans, is nothing." Quite frankly, a monumentally hypocritical view from a football club, that couldn't care less about the way it's run or the supporters that turn up every single week.

The hierarchy of this skeleton-like football club have checked out, and did so years ago. Despite being a "Good businessman" Mike Ashley is not protecting his asset, instead leaving it to rot and fester, with the club's value plummeting as a result of the neglectful nature of his so-called ownership, a club lost in time, stuck in the year 2007 when he purchased it. In that time, commercial revenue has flatlined, while the stadium and training ground which are in desperate need of improvements, and a bit of TLC have been given the odd lick of paint, in a desperate attempt to paper over the literal cracks forming.

Managing Director, Lee Charnley said in his programme notes ahead of Steve Bruce's first game in charge, “I accept we need to do more from a communication perspective moving forward. There’s certainly a need to communicate more as a club and to let fans know where we are heading collectively." Unsurprisingly, the club have rarely communicated with the supporters since providing them with those false promises.

There is more of a hands-off than a hands-on approach at Newcastle, which is telling when you speak to the people who suffer more than anyone else, the supporters. Apathy set in a long time ago, supporters still attend, still stay loyal, but there's an air of nothingness - The emotion, that raw Geordie passion has been completely sucked out of each, and every fibre of their being. Why shouldn't Newcastle United supporters ask for more? They've had fourteen years of gloom, neglect and been treated with contempt by those at the top of the club.

False promises year after year, a club set up to be sold with little regard to performances on the pitch, or moving the club forward into the modern-day football climate. Stuck, marooned in 2007 with no S.O.S. Despite being frozen in time, there is still massive potential for Newcastle United to thrive. Supporters cling onto that hope, it's one of the few things that keeps their desire to attend each week.

We interrupt this very negative piece, as news is reaching us, that the above may no longer be an issue. The Saudi backed takeover is reportedly expected to go through, meaning Newcastle United supporters will get their S.O.S.


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