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It all started with a shirt, a black and white shirt. Something so simple that meant so much more. It is to be a part of something, united as one in anger or joy and despair. I've made the walk through Nuns Moor, down Barrack Road and into St James' Park so many times, I could probably do it with my eyes closed.

It will always give me the same feeling, that first glimpse of St James' Park in the distance, the heart beats quicker and there's a warm feeling. It's love, love of my football club and my city. The memories it evokes and the pure emotion it brings, nothing can quite come close to that feeling. Once seated in the Gallowgate end, that's it, I've escaped and entered a world where pride, passion, love, hate, anger, anguish and more live. For those 90 minutes, I forget about the amount of bills I have to pay, the pressures facing me at work or other stresses that may be in my life at the time. I'm solely focussed on supporting those black and white heroes to victory. Though, it's not just those 90 minutes, it's the drinks in the Strawberry beforehand with friends, the laughs and the boozy banter, it's not just a game.

You know that emotion I mentioned? The likes of the Premier League and profile raising consortiums will never understand that emotion, that love we feel for our football club and the pride we have in our city. The sad thing is they don't care that we're the ones who get hurt every single time, yet we're so vital to a football club and to the Premier League. Our hopes are raised at every thought of a brighter future, a thought that our Newcastle United will make forward steps instead of back. After 13 years in a vortex of nothingness, stuck on a life support machine with no signs of improvement - Newcastle supporters should be allowed the opportunity to live again.

Credit: The Chronicle

"Do more, do more" they cry. We can't do any more this time. Over 110,000 signatures on a petition, numerous MPs in support and a fanbase finally united. Still, we're asked to do more;

“It’s up to the fans now. Because if the fans want this back on then they’re going to have to go to the Premier League and say this isn’t fair.” It is time for interested parties to take charge, get on with the process and buy the football club. Mike Ashley has set the price, we know that now, he is finally a willing seller, it should not be down to the supporters to do the leg work for billionaires.

The sad reality is, that love I built up during my early years, the infatuation and obsession of Newcastle United has slowly started to fade over the last 13 years. Not because I no longer support the club, it just doesn't feel like the club I fell in love with all those years ago. There is such a disconnect between the club and the supporters, I'm tired and fed up with the same stories and lies every year. Supporters shouldn't have to be experts on geopolitics or know the ins and outs of piracy law. Yet, the majority of us may as well have a Master’s degree in the subject. Supporters shouldn't have to have notifications set on Companies House or take up plane spotting as a hobby. Madness and craziness follow Newcastle United, though, it's not been the right kind of crazy over the last 13 years. The craziness of Kevin Keegan's infamous outburst, beating Barcelona or Sir Bobby Robson's joyous celebration at Highbury as Newcastle United went top at Christmas. That's the real craziness of Newcastle United, not this.

I don't know why, after my hopes have been dashed so many times when it comes to a Newcastle United takeover, a little hope still remains. That hope is of a brighter future, a chance to see the Newcastle United I feel in love with again. We do not ask for much as a fanbase, those in the media that continue to use old stereotypes, will never understand this club, region or supporters. All we ask for is that the club at least tries, and shows some ambition to move forward each year.

One day it will happen, we will get our club back. The club we all fell in love with, not this shoddy impersonation of Newcastle United. When that day comes, we will no longer be a club lost and directionless, left to rot and to fester. Instead, that tiny bit of hope I continue to hold on to, it would have been worth it. The joy and excitement of our Newcastle United, fills my stomach with butterflies. It will happen... One day, and we can have our cans that we so dearly crave. For now though, keep fighting the good fight.


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