7 Days

Sting’s ‘Seven Days’, ‘7 Days’ by Craig David and Barenaked Ladies with ‘One Week’ – none of them quite have the lyrics needed to describe the time between July 30th and August 6th in the world of Newcastle United.

One week ago, I remained as cautiously optimistic as ever that the proposed takeover would go through. Ironically, the source of this positivity came from my belief that the global brand of the Premier League would not turn down the opportunity of hundreds of millions of pounds of investment during what is likely to be a global recession. It hadn’t occurred to me that their existing investments would take such an absolute priority over the new rich kids on the block.

One week ago, Newcastle United fans were still largely protesting at any hint of political involvement in football. ‘Leave politics out of it!’, they declared in unison. ‘I’m just a football fan, what’s politics got to do with me?’, they asked. Emails to local MPs have been sent and government petitions have been signed so I assume politics is welcome now? Oh, I see, you meant politics that doesn’t benefit us.

One week ago, cans were still in my fridge. Cans that were four months into their stay at the exclusive top shelf accommodation. Cans so cold that Attenborough had just whispered about some Arctic wildlife inhabiting them. Cans that were supposed to symbolise the end of an increasingly pointless era of our football club and welcome in a dawn of ambition and possibility. Cans that were instead consumed in consolation and commiseration.

One week ago, there was hope that this transfer window would see a necessary level of investment in a squad that limped towards the end of the season, held together by loan players. The fantasy talk of Mbappe had died down but there was the hope of realistic additions, particularly from the relegated three, that would add some much needed potency to our flaccid attack. Heading towards the end of week two of the window, we are three loan players and a contract expiry down on last season’s first team squad with no sign of reinforcements.

One week ago, a new age of communication from our ever-silent football club was still being talked about. Owners who let the fans know of their plans and ambitions, who welcomed fan representation at board room level and an open line of communication to at least have some dialogue between supporter and decision maker. The period of ‘no comment’ might have been coming to an end. Instead, we don’t even know what has happened to our loan players or to Matty Longstaff.

We don’t even know what happened at all.

They say a week is a long time in politics – well it’s an even longer time in Newcastle United.


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